Marcia Miktuk, Inventor of patented Flip-Hem®

I’ve been in marketing communications for over thirty years and with a degree in graphic design, I love to create.  A few years ago, I created in a new and different way.

I had a stack of pants that needed to be re-hemmed because I wanted to wear them with different height shoes.  I’ve always done my own hemming, but I procrastinated because I knew once I got them hemmed again, I would want to wear a different heel height!

My husband also had a hem dilemma.  He worked in the racing industry and wore uniforms at the track.  The pants were usually too long with the race crew’s flat sole track shoes, so the guys would turn their pants legs under and staple or tape them so they wouldn’t drag!

I was determined to figure out a way to make pants permanently adjustable — quickly and easily.  I wanted a permanent solution that would change the length of my pants in seconds.  Flip-Hem now solves the age-old dilemma of pant length and can provide significant savings to pant manufacturers by reducing length SKUs.