Marcia Miktuk, Inventor of patented Flip-Hem®

I’ve been in marketing communications for over thirty years and with a degree in graphic design, I love to create.  A few years ago, I created in a new and different way.

I had a pile of pants that needed to be re-hemmed because I wanted to wear them with different height shoes.  Most days I wear pants to work and I’ve always done my own hemming.  I walked by those pants and kept procrastinating because I knew once I re-hemmed,  I would want to wear them with a different heel height!

I was determined to figure out a way to make my pants permanently adjustable — quickly and easily.  I wanted a permanent solution that would change the length of my pants as quickly as I could change my shoes.  One quiet evening, the idea popped in my head.  I ran to the recycling bin to get materials to test the idea.  Once I saw that it would work, I knew this product would solve the age-old dilemma of pant length and provide significant savings to pant manufacturers by reducing SKUs.