How does it work?
Physics – Flip-Hem is inserted and fed through the entire hem.  By overlapping the ends, Flip-Hem forms a complete loop of specially-engineered material.  When it is flipped, it holds the hem up.
Does it use magnets?
No magnets, snaps or adhesive!  Flip-Hem is a specially-engineered material that is flexible, yet slightly rigid.  Once inserted and fed through the hem, it holds the hem up when flipped.
What if my hem is smaller than 1 ¼”?
The Flip-Hem retail package comes with 1 ¼” material that can be trimmed.  Flip-Hem works great on hems from ¾”
to 1 ½”.
Flip-Hem comes with smooth edges so that it inserts easily. 
When trimming, cut between the rows of perforation so the edges are smooth.  After trimming, if there are rough edges, use enclosed piece of sand paper to smooth.  The smoother the edges are, the easier it slides into hems.  Cut a tapered end (between perforations) to feed through the hem.
What if it doesn't slide in easily?
Trim Flip-Hem 1/8" to 1/4"  narrower than your hem.  Trim between the rows of perforations so that your trimmed edge is smooth without any small jagged edges..  If you do cut through the perforations while trimming, make sure the cut/trimmed edges are smoothed with enclosed piece of sand paper.  Cut a tapered end (between perforations) to feed through the hem so that it doesn't catch on any threads.
Do I need to take Flip-Hem out?
No!  Once inserted into the hem, you can leave it.  Flip-Hem can be laundered and ironed as you do your pants.
How much comes in a package?
The Flip-Hem retail package comes with 11 feet of material which is enough for three pairs of adult pants.
Can I use it on my blue jeans?
Not on a typical ¼” jean hem.  Jeans that have a larger hem (at least ¾”), Flip-Hem works great.
Can I use it on a skirt?
Probably not.  The 1 ¼” Flip-Hem was engineered, designed and tested for pant hems. It can however, be used on certain types of blazer sleeves.