Flip Your Hem And Change The Length Of Your Pants In Seconds

Patented Flip-Hem is the only permanent solution for adjustable hems.  It's an innovative solution to an every day problem.  Keep pants from dragging and hems from getting soiled and frayed.

Flip-Hem provides quick and easy adjustable pant hems. Flip-Hem can be washed and ironed as you do your pants.

Increased awareness of hygiene and cleanliness

Flip-Hem is especially relevant with today’s heightened awareness of cleanliness and public safety across all industries worldwide.  Dangerous bacteria and viruses on floors are easily transferred to pants that drag.

Uniform and workwear policy compliance is essential as industries gear up for a new normal.  Flip-Hem gives wearers an adjustable fit to maintain proper pant length promoting safety and cleanliness.

Pants not flipped on left. Pants flipped on right.

Permanent Adjustability Without Snaps, Clasps Or Tape

Women's Pants & Uniforms

Men's Casual Pants & Uniforms

Great for growing kids!

Kid's Clothing & Uniforms